Thursday, February 19, 2009

Parfum Lilas

My first trip to a French toilet included a bit of apprehension. You see, the majority of the toilet paper that I see around here is pink. I mean, it's not a huge problem for me, just another one of the things I needed to get accustomed to along with getting pushed by old ladies at the marché and making sure to say "bonjour!" to every single stranger that passes by me. When it was my turn to purchase TP for the apartment, I searched high and low for plain old fashioned, white. I found black, red, pink, orange, and lavender. I grabbed the orange pack because it was the pas trop cher (cheapest) and headed to line. That's when I noticed two words: Parfum Pêche. This country, the land of perfume and eau de toilet, was trying to scent...something that should remain unscented. I quickly replaced the peach paper with unscented pink and ran home. Well, here we are, weeks later, and look what I have discovered in our W.C.


  1. HHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA i am in the library and its fucking empty and i chuckled really loud.

    P.s.- when i went through my spongebob stage (remember in high school, after the orange stage) i bought spongebob bubblegum scented toilet paper. WTF?

    and they use WC in Mexico too.. wtf does it stand for?

  2. WC = water closet.

    where on earth did you find bubblegum sponge bob toilet paper? that sounds like my worst nightmare.

  3. i wouldn't care too much if my derriere smelled like long as it aint grape scented i'm cool.