Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Glace Sidewalks

Today is Wednesday which is the day that I go to the Farmer's Market to get our produce for the week. It's in Barbes which is an ethnic neighborhood not too far down the street from our apartment at Place de Clichy. Even though it's been snowing this week, I thought it would be nice to walk. Matthias and I headed out and I soon discovered that there is a substance much more sinister than snow on the streets of Paris. Glace or ice was coating the sidewalks and gutters. I never knew this about myself before this morning, but I have a terrible fear of slipping on ice and cracking my head open. That's all I could picture as we carefully walked along. Luckily, there were work crews out combating the icy streets with handfuls of salt to speed up the melting process. After the initial slipping, falling, dying fear, a new despair started to well up inside of me. Mon Dieu! they are wasting so much French sel de mer!


  1. Ethnic? Does that mean there are black and brown people there?

  2. It's means there are mostly arab people there. I'm actually going to write a whole post on racism and racial issues in Paris. Coming Soon!