Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Name.

I will admit that I've been contemplating the idea of starting a blog about my life in Paris for over a month now. You may be wondering what has stopped me. Perhaps my Parisian life is all to exciting and I have no time? Maybe it's the fact that apparently, you have to have a French bank account in order to get almost anything in the city of lights, including free internet access at Starbucks? Or maybe my problem has been grappling to find just the right words to express myself in a place where communication is not quite what it used to be. While I would like to attribute my tardiness to at least one, if not all of the above, the fact is, I couldn't think of a name.
We are living in the time of the blog. All the cool kids have one. All the lame kids want one. The best ones have cool names. That's not to say that I think you are lame if you are reading this and don't yet have one. My life only became somewhat interesting enough to write about three weeks ago and only because I moved to a place where people say things like "ne touchez pas!" and "voulez-vous coucher avec moi?" Ok, so technically I've never heard that second one, but living in the red light district gives me some hope.
Anyhow, I finally sat down today and forced myself to start this thing even though I hadn't thought of a name that was clever or cool or just made me sound awesome. The name of my blog combined with the url are really just a very lame play on words. Champignon is the French word for mushrooms. It is pronounced "shawm-peen-yone" If I explain any further I will be entering douche mode so please forgive me every time you type in the web address, click on your bookmark button, or just happen to remember how very poorly named my life in Paris blog is.


  1. I love the name! I laughed as I read your email with the link to the blog-- as a small child walked in the store and grabbed Chan Pie & Gnon with the sole purpose of squeaking them to death. (Oh! my head...)

    More later... after I build a Svan chair... ugh.

  2. lol, chan pie gnon!!!
    i kind of forgot about's crazy.
    i still haven't seen a sophie in france either...
    but there was an xplory (creme) at versailles today.

    : )

    i'm glad you don't think i'm too big of a dork. or maybe you do and that's why you like me.

  3. little from column A... little from column B!!!


    I miss you here... the store is in it's final days-- and I'm starting to get really sad about it... ... ...

    oh man-- creme xplory... so gorgeous-- yet so terribly impractical!!!